15 Ideas on How to Wear Front Pallu Sarees in 2022 (2023)

How to wear Front Pallu sarees? The 6-yard wonder, i.e. the ever so classy, sarees is all about the magic of draping. From nivi drape, Parsi drape to the understated front pallu, when it comes to styling this magnificent piece of fabric, the options are endless. Today we are going to walk you through the process of effortlessly styling the gorgeous front pallu sarees and make a statement.

From the land of Gujarat, came the ever-so-elegant front pallu saree. Instead of draping your pallu in a way that falls on your back, the front pallu is draped so that the pallu is on your front. The front pallu can either be left just like this or can be pleated and tucked at the side for a more beautiful yet comfortable drape.

This particular style of draping has stood the test of time and is still quite trending. Suitable to all body types, this drape looks fabulous and is also the most comfortable saree draping style. Making it perfect for youngsters and first-time saree wearers. Quite a hot favorite amongst celebrities, front pallu sarees are said to be Nita Ambani’s favorite.

An absolutely stunning day-time look, drape your gorgeous printed saree with an effortless front pallu and to finish off the look, style your saree with a silver oxidized necklace and voila. This look is perfect for running errands or even for an office party. Pump up this look by adding a bunch of flowers in your hair, silver bangles, and be the center of attention wherever your go.

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14. Patola Saree with Front Pallu

With intricate tying, dyeing, and weaving techniques, patola sarees are one of the most special and loved sarees in India. With magnificent patterns in vibrant colors, patola sarees are a perfect blend of commendable craftsmanship and the breathtaking artistry of the craftsmen of India.

Enhance this uber traditional look by styling your favorite patola saree with a front pallu, gajra, and traditional gold jewelry and dazzle. You can also add an embroidered potli bag for added elegance. Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures.


13. Take Inspiration from Celebrities

Who better than the style queen Rhea Kapoor to teach us how to wear a front pallu saree. Styled with a full sleeves blouse this look is modest yet sexy and perfect for your farewell parties. Style this look with a long silver necklace or a layered gold choker, smokey eyes, sleek bun and you are ready to be the talk of the party. Here are some more Celebrity Saree Styles We Are Crushing Over This Year.

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12. With Embroidered Blouse

Looking for a stunning haldi outfit that is going to make you stand out? Then we have got just the right thing for you. A gorgeous plain yellow saree paired with an embroidered blouse is a quintessential haldi outfit that one can never go wrong with. Classy, understated with just the right amount of sexy, this look is perfect for our fashionistas brides who are all set to dazzle at their wedding. Style it with floral jewelry, twisted braid, or accessories with statement earrings and blow-dried hair, and get ready to be the most beautiful bride.

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11. For the Wedding Season

Take notes from none other than Nita Ambani and ace the front pallu saree trend like an absolute queen. Perfect for the mother of the bride, a heavily embroidered saree with intricate gota and dabka work, when styled with front pallu will create magic. A quintessential wedding outfit, the front pallu saree can be paired with stunning gold jewelry, classic open hairdo, with matching bangles, or can be styled with contrasting earrings and necklace to make a statement.

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10. Front Pallu Ikkat Print Saree

Stepping into spring with summers quickly knocking on our doors, fun and quirky prints are quickly making a comeback into our wardrobes. This means it is the perfect time to take out all your printed sarees and add a hint of snazz and jazz into your outfit. Wear your saree with the trendy front pallu for an easy breezy summer look. Accessorize it with silver oxidized jewelry and a potli bag for a more sophisticated and polished appeal.

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9. With Floral Blouses

The epitome of elegance and grace, Kanjivaram silk sarees are the definition of regal beauty. With unmatched sophistication, kanjivaram silk sarees, are every saree lover’s favorite. And when styled with a front pallu and traditional temple jewelry, the beauty of this saree is unmatched. Add a whiff of youthful freshness to this ever so classic look by styling it with a summery floral blouse, flower in your hair, and bedazzle.

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8. With a Belt

Putting a modern style twist to the classic front pallu saree, adding a belt not only adds a layer of glamour but the belt cinches your waist and gives you that coveted hourglass figure. Be it a traditional silk saree or a modern ruffled saree, this ever-green pair of saree with belts will never go out of style. Opt for a traditional belt for a silk saree and a sleek metal belt for a more contemporary saree and strut.

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7. Try a Pastel Front Pallu Saree for Summers

Young, understated, and beautiful, a pastel saree with the same tone of work is sheer elegance. Perfect for summer weddings and soirees, pastel front pallu saree will surely make you look like a million bucks. Team it up with diamond statement earrings, nude makeup, and a studded bracelet to add to the allure.


6. Drape Bandhani Saree with Front Pallu

An age-old technique of styling a fabric with an intricate tie-dye pattern, bandhani is one of the most loved and popular styles of sarees in India. With unmatched class and traditional beauty, the bandhani saree when paired with a front pallu screams magnificent grandeur. Style it with traditional gold jewelry, flowers in your hair, and glass bangles to accentuate the whole traditional look. Here are some of the latest Bandhej Saree Designs for you to try.

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5. Banarasi Saree with Contrasting Blouse

A super easy and quick way to uplift your front pallu banarasi saree is by pairing it with a contrasting blouse. The contrasting color blouse will add more depth and character to your outfit and the contrasting colors along with the complimenting front pallu will make you the center of attention.

Effortless and regal, this look is perfect when teamed up with banarsi or kanjivaram sarees. Here are some more of the Best Banarasi Saree Designs.

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4. Striped Saree

Looking for something contemporary with a hint of traditional elegance. Girl, we have got your back. This stunning pastel number with modern striped print is going to take your breathe away. Wear this modern saree with the traditional front pallu and get ready for compliments.

Perfect for summer weddings, accessories it with dainty Polki jewelry, messy bun with roses in your hair, and your instaworthy outfit is ready.

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3. Wedding Guest Style for Mature Women

Securing a heavily embroidered saree with safety pins is an ordeal we have all been through. To avoid the hassle of securing your pleats and breaking gazillion pins in the process, style your saree with a gorgeous front pallu.

Easy to drape and supremely comfortable to carry, a front pallu drape will allow you to flaunt the gorgeous work of your saree with utmost grace.

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2. Front Pallu Saree for the Bride

Front Pallu sarees are quite popular amongst brides. The sheer elegance and grace that this drape lends to the bride is unmatched. Be it for the wedding or for the wedding functions, the front pallu saree screams bridal panache.

Style it with a matching veil, traditional bridal jewelry, and don’t forget the Nath (nose ring). Our gorgeous bride is ready to walk down the aisle to the love of her life,

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1. With Crop Top

Sexy, snazzy with a kick of youthful elegance, sarees with a crop top are the quintessential farewell outfit that is also a hot favorite amongst celebrities.

Ace this influencer-approved look by pairing your saree with a sequined blouse, draping it with a front pallu to make it sultry, and keep this flirty look fun and minimal with blowdried hair and glossy lips, and voila, you are all done. Here’s a complete guide on How to Wear Sarees with Crop Tops This Year.

Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures and let us know in the comments below how did you style this look.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a front pallu saree?

A front pallu saree is draped similarly to the way a nivi pallu saree is draped. But instead of draping your pallu on the back of your shoulder, you tuck it under and then drape it over your shoulder. Front pallu sarees allow you to flaunt your heavy pallu saree beautifully.


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