Disney Honeymoon Registry: How a Honeymoon Fund Can Create an Enchanting Experience | Hitchd (2023)

Disney Honeymoon Registry: How a Honeymoon Fund Can Create an Enchanting Experience | Hitchd (1)

Isuru Fonseka

Aug 8, 201914 min read

"To all who come to this happy place: Welcome."

With those immortal words, Walt Disney himself opened Disneyland to thousands of guests in 1955. Though Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida seem like theme parks for children, many young adults nowadays choose to honeymoon at the happiest place — or places, really — on earth.

In fact, so many couples young and old enjoy having their weddings and honeymoons at a Disney resort that they made a reality TV show about it. Airing on the cable network Freeform, “Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings” features couples throwing the wedding of their dreams in Disney parks and on cruise ships. While some have modest affairs, others go all out — Cinderella-like carriage rides, character guests and “I-dos” said in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

As Jasmine would say, "It's all so magical."

Now throwing a Disney World wedding might be too much for some couples, but honeymooning at the resort remains a popular destination for many newlyweds. The memories you and your partner will make at Disney World or Disneyland will last a lifetime, long after the blender blade breaks.

And with a Disney honeymoon registry, you and your spouse can hop a magic carpet and celebrate your marriage at your favorite Disney parks and resorts.

Here's how to create the ultimate Disney honeymoon registry — and how to make sure you don't miss any of the action.

How the Disney honeymoon registry works

The Disney honeymoon registry works in the same way a wedding registry would work at a store like Target or Crate & Barrel — but instead of asking for a blender, you're asking for a breakfast with Mickey Mouse or a day at the Magic Kingdom.

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After making an account at Disney Parks and Resorts website, you and your partner can pick and choose different activities for your wedding guests to buy. This will help alleviate some of the costs of your honeymoon — and at a Disney resort, those costs can skyrocket if you're not careful.

If your familiar with honeymoon funds like Hitchd.com, the premise is similar. Your guests are paying for an experience, not physical gifts. But as you'll see, setting up a honeymoon fund through Disney's Honeymoon Wishes can be limiting, and it's hard to personalize them to really capture the uniqueness of you and your partner.

Create the perfect Disneyland honeymoon registry. Start your registry now

How to set up a Disney honeymoon registry

To set up your registry, head to Hitchd or Honeymoon Wishes and create an account. All you need is an email address and a password and you're in.

Once you have an account, you can start creating activities and expenses for your Disney honeymoon registry. These will include:

  • Airfare:
    You'll need to get there and back somehow.
  • Hotel or resort expenses:
    Disney maintains several hotels on its properties, each with its own style and feel.
  • Park tickets:
    To explore the magic, you'll need the tickets to get in, of course.
  • Food and beverages:
    Imagine sharing a Mickey-shaped waffle with the main mouse himself! Or sipping wine in the French region of Epcot. Your guests can treat you to breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as drinks and dessert all over the resorts.
  • Souvenirs:
    What's a trip to a Disney park without the iconic mouse-eared hat? Your guests can make sure you have a little something to help you remember your trip long after the magic fades.

You can also add a few photos to your registry as well as a brief bio. You can also mix up your price points. After all, not every guest will be able to contribute enough for a park ticket. Others will just want to buy you a round of drinks at the hotel bar or a few churros in the park.

Major drawbacks with a Disney wedding registry

All that being said, a Disney honeymoon registry through Honeymoon Wishes does have some shortcomings, especially when compared with a honeymoon fund like Hitchd.com.

Limits to the Disney parks and resorts

For one thing, Disney honeymoon registries limit couples to just the resorts and parks — no hotels, restaurants or activities outside of the park. While it can be great to spend the whole honeymoon in the parks, there are fun things to do in the surrounding areas, especially in California. Disneyland happens to be near Los Angeles — which means you can find exotic restaurants, outdoor excursions and sightseeing tours as well as other theme parks such as Universal Studios. A Disney honeymoon registry limits your options to Disney-centric locations, but with a honeymoon fund from sites like Hitchd.com, you can customize your honeymoon to your liking — not Disney's liking.

Lack of personalization

A Disney honeymoon registry also lacks personalization. If you browse through active ones on the site, they look a lot alike from couple to couple. You can only upload a few photos of you and your spouse, and the messages with each registry option are pre-written, taking out that personal touch. A good honeymoon fund shows off the personality of the couple, and Disney wedding registries like that personal spark.

When it comes to honeymoon funds, the couple's personal touch and message means everything to wedding guests. Many don't always feel comfortable just giving cash. They want to feel like they're contributing to something, such as the home you and your partner will share. The most successful honeymoon funds bring guests into the experience, sharing just how impactful the gift will be to the couple even if the gift is not a tangible one. Personalization makes guests feel appreciated, and they'll be happy to contribute when they understand how much you'll treasure the memories you create.

No flexibility

Another drawback with a Disney honeymoon registry comes from the lack of flexibility when it comes to other types of wedding registries. Many couples nowadays opt for hybrid registries, meaning they have a honeymoon fund and then one or two registries at stores. The store registries have a handful of gift options, usually items the couple wants to replace or upgrade. With honeymoon fund sites like Hitchd.com, couples can build a wedding registry that matches how they live. A Disney wedding registry doesn't have this flexibility.

All this to say: You and your partner live unique, diverse lives. Your wedding registry should reflect and celebrate that. A Disney wedding registry will only go so far, but a honeymoon fund allows for all the personalization and customization that you could ever want.

That's why Hitchd.com may be a better fit for your Disney wedding registry. It offers personalization and plenty of flexibility. You can still share the magic of Disney by creating gifts for park tickets, restaurants and souvenirs, but you remain in control of where you stay, for how long and any other activities you and your partner want to see and do while on your honeymoon.

Best of all, building a honeymoon fund with Hitchd.com is both easy and intuitive — and, dare we say, a little magical in its own right. Check out our step-by-step guide to building the ultimate Disney wedding registry on Hitchd.com.

Create the perfect Disneyland honeymoon registry. Start your registry now

Step 1: Define how long you want to stay

When planning your honeymoon, start with what you can afford and — for safety's sake — plan to pay for all of it yourself. That means the airfare, the hotel, all of your meals and all of your Disney park tickets.

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Now in reality, you will receive money through your honeymoon fund, but you don't want to overestimate how much your will receive from family members. Maybe everyone will fill up your registry. Maybe half will and the other half will just send checks. Maybe some of your guests decline to attend you wedding and send a check weeks later. And of course, there could always be a last-minute wedding expense that needs to be addressed.

And to be wholly honest: Disney parks and resorts cost a lot of money. At Disney World, tickets into the parks can range from $109 per day to $169 per day depending on the type of ticket you buy — and that's just to get through the door. If you and your partner decide to stay for five days and purchase the park-hopper pass, which lets you go between parks at your leisure, you will pay $99 per day per person. That's $2,000 alone.

That's not at all to say that you should forget the whole Disney honeymoon fund. You absolutely shouldn't. But you do need to plan ahead and look at what you can reasonably afford. This will help you as you set up your Disney wedding registry, and it will keep you from overspending.

So talk with your partner, do some research on what you both want to do and experience the most and determine how long you can stay on your Disney honeymoon.

Step 2: Decide where to stay

Deciding on a Disney resort can be one of the most difficult decisions for any couple, and in both California and Florida, you have amazing options. Here are just a few.

Disneyland Hotels and Resorts

True, you can find tons of beautiful and luxurious hotels to visit in Anaheim, which is where Disneyland is officially located, but there's something magical about staying on a Disney property. Check these out and keep the fairy tale going after the park closes.

Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

Luxury. Beauty. Disney. That's the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. This beautiful resort has its own private entrance to Disney's California Adventure and a world-class spa — for when you want a little adult time with your new spouse.

Paradise Pier

For a little old-world charm and a modern touch, Paradise Pier has a Carribbean motif, and it has a gorgeous rooftop pool.

Disney World Hotels and Resorts

Disney World offers its guests plenty of options when it comes to hotels and resorts. Most, if not all, include free shuttles to and from the park. Others are connected to the resort's monorail system. Disney does have value resorts on the property, and you can even camp. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Grand Floridian

Easily one of the top resorts and, given the name, the grandest, the Grand Floridian sits near the Magic Kingdom. Guests can dine at several restaurants and book time at the hotel's luxurious spa. Though it comes with a hefty price tag, the Grand Floridian creates a pampered experience for each guest.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Go a little wild with your Disney wedding registry. At the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you'll find fine dining, beautiful pools and view exotic animals — all from the comfort of your hotel.

Port of Orleans — French Quarter

A moderate resort (meaning less expensive than the property's grand resorts, the Port of Orleans — French Quarter captures the beauty and romance of the French quarter of New Orleans, complete with gas lamps, cobblestone paths and a jazz band every night.

Create the perfect Disneyland honeymoon registry. Start your registry now

Step 3: Choose your favorite Disney parks

As you know, the Disney resort family no longer includes just Disneyland. Disney fanatics can also check out the House of Mouse in Europe (Paris), Japan (Tokeyo), China (Shanghai) and Hong Kong. We could spend several blog posts talking about all the other amazing parks — and we might in future blogs! — but for now, we're going to focus on Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida.


In 1955, Disneyland opened and launched a movement. Though many changes have come to the iconic park, much still remains the same.

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Magic Kingdom

The OG of Disney parks, the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland still encapsulates all the fun and excitement of a Disney park. Whether you want to tour the Haunted Mansion, shake Mickey's hand or watch the parade down Main Street, USA, the Magic Kingdom embodies the wonder of Disney.

Pixar Pier

Think Coney Island or the boardwalk at Atlantic City. Now imagine some Disney magic mixed in and you've got Pixar Pier. Dedicated to the many wonderful films from Pixar, this updated boardwalk may be a little more laid back, but there's plenty to do and see, from the Mickey ferris wheel to the Incredicoaster. Grab a churro and take a stroll down Toy Story Midway Mania.

Disney World

Disneyland may have an extensive history, but Disney World is truly that: a whole new world. From theme parks to water parks, one thing is certain: You and your partner will never run out of things to do.

Magic Kingdom

No matter which park you visit, you can't not stop at the Magic Kingdom. Need we say more?


What better way to tour the world than visiting the world showcases at Epcot? Given that the park has a slightly more adult vibe than the Magic Kingdom, Epcot can be a romantic getaway-within-a-getaway.

Hollywood Studios

The Tower of Terror and now Toy Story Land? Hollywood Studios is having a moment right now. This eclectic park has something for everyone.

Don't forget: Disney World has other parks, such as Animal Kingdom, and we don't even have time to get to the water parks. They too can go on a Disney wedding registry.

Step 4: Research Disney restaurants

Restaurants can be one of the most magical experiences of visiting a Disney park — and that's saying something. When you combine world-class dining with the Disney touch, you get a romantic experience that you and your partner will gush about years later.

It's hard to narrow down dining picks for your Disney wedding registry, but here are out favorites:

  • Fantasmic dining (Disneyland):
    Want front row seats to Fantasmic!, the live show at the end of the day at the Magic Kingdom? How about a three-course meal? This dinner-and-a-show performance is a must.
  • Be Our Guest (Disney World):
    A favorite, romantic spot in the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest reimagines dining in the Beast's castle. Reservations fill up fast for this popular spot — it's popular for a reason, believe us — so make them up to 180 days in advance.
  • Character dining (all parks):
    Disneyland and Disney World offer dining experiences with favorite and beloved characters. You'll find multiple options for dining with your favorite characters at each park, so choose your favorite and make a reservation.

Plus, don't miss these park favorites for your Disney wedding registry:

  • Churrors: Cinnamon sugar favorites
  • Dole whips: A delicious ice cream cone
  • A Mickey Mouse0shaped ice cream bar: A classic.

These fun restaurants and park snacks make great additions to your Disney wedding registry, so get excited for them.

Create the perfect Disneyland honeymoon registry. Start your registry now

Step 5: Look for other activities near Disney

A Disney wedding registry doesn't have to focus solely on the parks. You may want to explore Orlando and Los Angeles while you're on your honeymoon.

Here are just a few of our favorite non-Disney activities in California and Florida:

  • Universal Studios:
    You can love Disney AND Harry Potter at the same time. Universal Studios has parks near both Disney resorts — and both of them now have Harry Potter World.
  • Hollywood tours (California only):
    You can find hundreds of cool and unique tours that will take you around Hollywood and show you where the magic happens.
  • Kennedy Space Center (Florida only):
    Sure, you can ride Space Mountain at Disney World, but you can see real artifacts from space and learn about space travel at the nearby Kennedy Space Center.

With a traditional Disney wedding registry, couples can't ask for gifts outside of the park. With a honeymoon fund, you can see and do everything you want to — not just what's available on the Disney properties.

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Step 6: Start building your Disney honeymoon fund

Once you have your hotel, activities, restaurants and park tickets chosen, it's time to start putting your Disney wedding registry together!

Explain what you're doing and what makes you most excited about it

All of the hotels, parks and restaurants you researched? Now it's time to create entries on your Disney wedding registry for each one.

Personalize each Disney wedding registry entry

What about the Magic Kingdom makes you both excited? Which restaurant are you absolutely dying to try? Why did you choose your hotel? Don't leave your guests wondering. Tell them about it.

With each gift, tell your wedding guests what the experience means to you and your partner. Talk about your favorite Disney movies, characters and quotes and how you two plan to live your own Disney fairy tale. Talk about the rides you plan to enjoy and the meals you can't wait to taste.

Remember, above all: put a little magic into your honeymoon fund. Disney inspires magic and childhood wonder. Capture that as you personalize your honeymoon fund.

Mix different price points into your honeymoon fund

Not every one of your guests can afford to pay for tickets to the Magic Kingdom. And that's okay, but make sure all of your guests can afford to join in the magic.

As you're building your Disney wedding registry, mix up your price points by breaking down larger experiences. For example, park tickets, airfare, hotel stays and spa treatments can be broken down into smaller price points. Dinners can be less than $100, and souvenirs, lunch in the park and a round of drinks can be $50 or less.

In this way, you won't alienate any of your guests or price them out of your wedding. They'll still feel excited to participate.

Add links and photos

Why leave your Disney adventure to the imagination? Include links to the park and restaurant web pages so guests can see for themselves what's in store when they choose a gift.

Of course, be sure to add photos of you and your partner as well. Include some major events in your life, but if you can, stage a few with you and your partner wearing your favorite Disney gear. When your guests see how thrilled you two are to spend your honeymoon at a Disney park, they're going to want to be part of the magic.

The best Disney wedding registries make guests feel the love — tonight — and between you and your partner. Now you can build a Disney wedding registry through Disney's site, but by branching out on your own, you can use your own magic and create an experience that will leave your wedding guests enchanted.

Sites like Hitchd.com keep you and your partner in control of your honeymoon so you can build the happily ever after of your dreams. Sign up today and get started building the honeymoon fund that fits your fairy tale.

Create the perfect Disneyland honeymoon registry. Start your registry now

Looking for the #1 way to fund your honeymoon?

Hitchd is a new type of honeymoon registry that helps fund your adventure of a lifetime. Think of us as your very own wishing well, Kickstarter, and travel planner, all rolled into one beautiful experience.

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